What vaccines does my horse need?

Talk to your veterinarian about which vaccines your horse should have based on its exposure to other horses and past history.

The AAEP considers the “core vaccines” which all horses should have regardless of their age or use to be Rabies vaccine, Encephalitis/Tetanus vaccine, and West Nile Virus vaccine.

Many horses, based on their age and use, should also be vaccinated for the respiratory diseases- Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, and Strangles.


  • Rabies – annual
  • VEWT/Flu/Rhino “6-way” – annual
  • Venezuelan Encephalitis
  • Eastern Encephalitis
  • Western Encephalitis
  • Tetanus
  • Influenza
  • Rhinopneumonitis
  • West Nile – annual
  • Strep. equi “Strangles” (intranasal) – annual

Inluenza booster (Merial “Recombitek”) – six months Rhinopneumonitis booster (Intervet “Prodigy”) – six months

Please see the client education page for specific recommendations for pregnant mares and new foals

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