How do I care for my horse after he has been gelded (castrated)?

We recommend that your horse be stalled in a clean dry stall during recovery for the first 12-24 hours. Following recovery, it is important that he be exercised to prevent swelling of the sheath and scrotum. Turnout in a paddock or pasture is good, but many times he will not exercise adequately on his own. Handwalking twice per day for 15 minutes or light longing in a round pen is recommended. Montior his appetite, general attitude, and rectal temperature. Watch for lameness. Stiffness of gait and mild to moderate swelling of the sheath and scrotum are common. Hydrotherapy with cold water will aid in reducing swelling. Do this once or twice per day for 10-15 minutes. Excessive swelling- larger than softball size- may indicate infection. Take his rectal temperature and call our office if you see excessive swelling, lameness, poor appetite, or any other sign of illness.

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