Vaccinations and Preventive Medicine

Here at EVA-Woodforest Veterinary Medical Center, we are dedicated to protecting your horse’s health by offering vaccinations.

Many different types of vaccinations are available for horses. Since every horse has a different lifestyle, it is important to discuss vaccinations with us. Some horses travel and are surrounded by lots of other horses while others simply stay at home. Your horse may need certain vaccinations due to where they live. There are many diseases that are more prevalent in certain areas.

By discussing your horse’s vaccines with us, you can make sure that your horse is adequately protected without over-vaccinating him or her.

For foals, we start most vaccinations when they are between four and six months old. Most then need to be boostered. There are some vaccinations that need to be given when the foal is around eight or nine months. Some versions need to be boostered while others don’t.

Once your horse is older, he or she will need yearly vaccinations. When your horse gets his or her yearly vaccinations, it is also a good time to have an examination done to ensure that he or she is as healthy as possible. We will look for any potential problems so we can treat them early or prevent certain diseases.

If you have any questions about vaccinating your horse, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (936) 273-1410.

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EIA – Coggins testing

A Coggins test is a simple blood test that is used to help prevent the spread of Equine Infectious Anemia. It is sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Equine Infectious Anemia is a viral disease that can be deadly. Unfortunately there is no vaccine or cure for it. If a patient survives the disease, they will always carry it and may become sick again if they are stressed. Some horses just seem to be carriers, never getting sick themselves.

Because some horses seem to carry the disease without showing symptoms, the best prevention is to test for it. Anytime you get a new horse or introduce a new horse into your herd, you should test the horse to make sure it doesn’t have the disease so your horses don’t get it.

It is also important for horses that travel frequently to be tested regularly. Many shows and other places where horses travel recommend or require that all horses be tested to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Equine Infectious Anemia used to be the cause of death for many horses. However, now that we offer Coggins testing and especially since it is required for most horses that travel, we have prevented a lot of unnecessary deaths.

If you have any questions about the Coggins test or Equine Infectious Anemia, feel free to contact us today at (936) 273-1410.

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Emergency Services for our clients

Here at EVA-Woodforest Veterinary Medical Center, we are proud to be here for our patients in times of emergency.

We know that emergencies happen and usually at the worst time. Don’t worry! We are here for you no matter what time it is.

After your call, one of our dedicated veterinarians will get to your farm as soon as possible. We are here for you during our regular business hours, and we also have a veterinarian on call if the need for a visit arises after hours.

It is our goal to get your horse feeling better as quickly as possible, and we will do everything we can to help.

Our veterinarians are dedicated to your horse. After a thorough examination, we will go over your options for diagnosing and treating your horse so that he or she can get back to normal quickly. We will then do everything we can to make sure that your horse feels better as soon as possible.

We know how stressful emergencies can be on owners so we are also here for you. We will be happy to assess the situation and go over your options. We will give you all the time you need to make sure you are making the best decision for your horse.

If you are having an emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (936) 273-1410.

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